Decentralized renewable energy is the faster path to power for all


Energy equity is a full harvest

What does it mean to have energy equity? Energy equity means that the farmer in rural Uganda doesn’t have to worry about reduced harvest yields, food spoilage, or a loss in revenues. It means residents of nearby villages don’t have to walk long distances to process their maize or worry about the uncertainties of climate change on their food supply.

Who We Are

2 billion people—almost a third of humanity—lack access to reliable energy. Power for All is a global coalition of 200 private and public organizations campaigning to deliver universal energy access before 2030 through the power of decentralized, renewable electricity.
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Interview with Babatomiwa Bayo-Ojo: Promoting Healthcare Service Delivery in Nigeria

In this podcast, the focus is on the installation of mini-grids in Karu Primary Health Centre in Abuja, Nigeria, by Volsus Energy. It represents the Volsus Solar for Health (VSFH) mini-grid program which is targeting to install 5,000 units of mini-grids across health centers to improve healthcare delivery services in Nigeria.


Beyond COP26: renewable energy empowering employment and equity

After the conclusion of COP26, Power for All summarizes the key takeaways for the decentralized energy sector from its various panel discussions and interviews during the two weeks. The need to address employment and equity in a world recovering from the pandemic is now more urgent than ever.


India can lead in ending energy poverty for good: will it seize the opportunity?

Power for All looks into the role India needs to play in ending energy poverty by increasing investments in decentralised renewable energy sector.


PEAK (Platform for Energy Access Knowledge) is our interactive information exchange platform that aggregates and repackages the best research and thinking on energy access into compelling data-driven stories for those work­ing to make energy ser­vices acces­si­ble to all.

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Campaign Updates Campaign update: November 2021

Power for All’s 2021 Powering Jobs census has been launched with key partners in five countries. Power for All hosted a side event at COP26 on Energy empowering employment moderated by Kristina Skierka. Also, learn about our latest updates from the commissioning of the utilities 2.0 Twaake pilot by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development.


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Fact Sheets & Research Summaries Fact Sheet: Decentralized Renewable Energy Can End Energy Inequities Inherent in the Global Power System

Nearly 800 million people live without electricity, and millions more have only intermittent or unreliable access worldwide. Distributed renewables can address energy inequities by offering customized solutions that provide clean, sufficient, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy.


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Finance COP26: Climate finance for fueling Renewable Energy in the Global South

Power for All reviews the need for increased financial investments in the Global South in this decade of action, to ensure energy access goals are achieved.


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